How Stressed and Exhausted Are You?

Juggling many demands every day as a busy mom can be very stressful. When this stress becomes chronic and overwhelming, it can lead to hormonal imbalance.

Take this simple quiz to find out if you are thriving, stressed, wired & tired, or crashed. Identify any symptoms you have experienced in the last 3 months and score as follows: 

None - not an issue for me.

Mild- a minor issue, it does not affect me much.

Moderate - a real issue, but I push myself through it. 

Severe - I can barely function or deal with it. 

  1. I have difficulty falling asleep.
  2. I have difficulty staying asleep. 
  3. I feel very tired, especially in the afternoon, or between 2 and 3 pm. 
  4. I feel exhausted in the morning, or I feel "bone tired" when I wake up. 
  5. I am fatigued all the time and have little stamina. 
  6. I have gained weight in the last year, around my middle, and I don't understand why. 
  7. I loose my temper easily, or I am irritable and depressed. 
  8. I have thinning hair or eyebrows, or I suffer from hair loss. 
  9. I have acne.
  10. I regularly use caffeinated beverages such as coffee or soda to jump-start me or get me through the day. 
  11. I am forgetful, fuzzy-minded, or absentminded. 
  12. I crave sweets, carbohydrates, or sugar. 
  13. I crave salt. 
  14. I have frequent infections. 
  15. I am intolerant to cold weather or temperature changes. 
  16. The smallest thing sets me off. 
  17. My zest for life has vaned. 
  18. I feel faint if I get up too quickly.
  19. I find myself falling asleep while watching TV, a movie, or a play. 
  20. I can never finish reading a book because I am always falling asleep. 
  21. I feel exhausted after dealing with anything stressful. 
  22. I feel drained rather than energized after I exercise. 
  23. I feel shaky if I don't eat regularly.
  24. I perk up at 9pm after being tired throughout the day.
  25. I often use high fat foods to get more energy. 
  26. I crave high protein, high fat foods (meat, cheese). 
  27. I crave sweets, they help my energy. 
  28. I feel somewhat unwell most of the time.
  29. I often have low blood pressure. 
  30. I have periodic episodes of total body weakness. 
  31. I am deeply affected by severe weather changes. 
  32. My productivity at work has decreased. 
  33. My anxiety level has markedly increased.

Now add up your symptoms. Give yourself 1 point for mild, 2 points for moderate, and 3 points for severe.

0-8 points: Congratulations! You are thriving and enjoying good hormonal balance. 

9-17 points: You are experiencing mild hormonal imbalance, and are feeling "stressed" more often. You may have dismissed your symptoms or attributed them to other causes. Taking action now can help you get back to thriving, and avoid more severe hormonal imbalance. 

18-25 points: You are struggling with moderate hormonal symptoms and your daily life is seriously affected by your symptoms. Chronic stress is making you feel "Wired & Tired." A few specific lifestyle changes will improve your sleep so your body can repair itself, and your daytime energy will become more steady and predictable. 

26 points or more: You are suffering from severe hormonal imbalance, and you feel extremely exhausted, or "crashed." Your health is really starting to suffer, and it is affecting your energy, mood, relationships, and productivity. Substantial rest and recovery are needed. However, by following the right strategies you can increase your energy, mental clarity, and ability to handle major stressors, within one to two months. 

-> Are you tired of being exhausted and stressed, and want to learn the right strategies for healing from hormonal imbalance so you can feel your best again?